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Sohel Chowdhury
Jun 29, 2022
In Welcome to the Arts Forum
We have made several changes to the phone number list course offer in order to adapt to customer feedback and wishes. Below we offer two course formats - day courses and evening courses. See the description of the offer for the first quarter phone number list of 2018 below. Daily courses Practical courses, which run for two days from 9:00 - 17:00, a total of 16 hours. There is a weekly break between the two days phone number list of the course to do homework and process the information obtained. Offered daily courses: 1. Google AdWords Fundamental, 2. Google Analytics Fundamental, 3. Facebook Marketing, 4. Content Marketing, 5. Internet Store Launch and First Year phone number list of Operation. Evening courses The evening courses are suitable for those clients who are ready phone number list to improve and learn digital marketing tools and trends even after doing the day's work. These courses take place two working week evenings from 18:00 - 21:00, a total of 6 hours. Both evenings take place on two working days in a row, or with a break phone number list of one working day. Offered evening courses: 1. Google AdWords Fundamental, 2. Google Analytics Fundamental, 3. Google Analytics Advanced, 4. Google Display + Mobile + Youtube Advertising, 5. Email Marketing, 6. Facebook Marketing, 7. Content Marketing, 8. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), 9. Internet store launch and first year phone number list of operation, 10. Social network communication, 11. Digital marketing planning. Course prices and discounts We offer the following package phone number list of evening courses with a 40% discount for all Google agencies . The course package includes: 1. Google AdWords Fundamental, 2. Google Display + Mobile + Youtube Advertising, 3. Google Analytics Fundamental, 4. Google Analytics Advanced. For agency representatives, the price for this evening course package is 80 EUR + VAT (if purchased separately, the total price would be 140 EUR + VAT). If the agency representative wants to take one phone number list of these courses separately, then we apply a 50% discount from the full price. Representatives of the agencies are invited phone number list to take into account that prior knowledge is required to fully master the Advanced courses. Pricing for all courses We recommend attending the course "Digital Marketing Planning" only for those clients who already have prior knowledge phone number list of several digital marketing channels, because channel planning will be full-fledged if the planner has an understanding phone number list of how each channel works. For those clients who want to improve their skills after attending the evening courses by attending the daily courses phone number list of the same channel, we offer a 50% discount from the full day course price.
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Sohel Chowdhury

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