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Robin Boss
Jun 22, 2022
In Welcome to the Arts Forum
In the early stage of the establishment of the product team, most of the energy of the team leader will be focused on team management; how to category email list recruit, train, and manage the team is the challenge faced by the vast majority of leaders. In this regard, the author has a lot of category email list experience and experience. (ps. This article is also suitable for students who are new to the workplace or change jobs, find and join a reliable team and become a better self.) A clear self-awareness Many companies divide management and major into two development channels. Part of the reason is that some professionals are not very good at management work, and they can achieve high achievements in the professional field; management positions need to learn and master communication, employment, The art of win-win, although category email list the actual situation is that the degree of overlap between the two is relatively high. The logic is not difficult to understand. First of all, if the professional channel rises to a certain height, there will be more needs for thinking and experience inheritance, and naturally some management functions will category email list be taken into account; secondly, the management position also needs to reach a certain level in one or some skills. The author's point of view: Managers need to clarify their own career plans first, do they want to do management, and are they suitable for category email list management? Don't force it, otherwise it will probably backfire. 2. Building a team culture Team culture is closely related to the manager's own personal style. Managers from different backgrounds create different team cultures. No category email list matter which one, the ultimate goal is to build a reliable team, which usually has the following common characteristics: 1) Self-driving execution Self-motivation and execution are the full expression of the attitude of being a person and doing things, and they are also the cornerstone of reliability.
How to build A Category Email List reliable content media
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Robin Boss

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