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Best Place To Buy Blinds ((NEW))

Blinds and window shades are an often overlooked but important factor in interior design and home improvement. Swapping white roller shades for wooden blinds or Roman shades with an attractive print can give your space a whole new look.

best place to buy blinds


Style, material, and size are largely a matter of personal preference and your home's specific needs. With that in mind, we've done the research and testing to share our recommendations for where to buy blinds and shades. Whether you want inexpensive window treatments you can install yourself or custom blinds installed by the pros.

The Shade Store is undoubtedly pricier, but it also has more custom options and the customer service is unrivaled. My current apartment has oversized windows of nonstandard sizes, window frames with ledges that make blinds hard to fit, and the windows open both from the top and the side, adding extra hurdles. Several other places I spoke to had a hard time finding us the right option for our unique situation, but The Shade Store made it a breeze.

If you have a store nearby, you can do an in-person consultation and get free measurements or look at samples in the store. You can also do a video chat. Where other places couldn't send anyone to measure or install blinds for weeks or months, The Shade Store sent someone to our home within a few days.

Not only were they incredibly quick and responsive throughout the entire process, but after installation, the rep we worked with also sent us a handwritten thank you note and even planted a tree in our honor. Plus, the blinds are high quality and were installed perfectly, all of which made the higher price point sting a little less.

Lowe's is a great value option with a large selection of blinds and shades. You can choose from in-stock blinds in various sizes or opt for custom made-to-measure coverings if you have windows or doors that are not standard size. The store offers a wide variety of styles and materials, as well as numerous choices for light control, from blackout to light filtering.

You can shop in person or online for blinds and shades from Bed Bath & Beyond, where there are thousands of sizes available to fit windows of all shapes.

Bed Bath & Beyond has a solid selection of blinds and shades to choose from. Whether you're looking for cordless or Roman shades, the retailer has a variety of brands offering different materials, sizes, and colors.

As you may have guessed from the name, solely deals in all things blinds. You'll be spoiled for choice, from wood or faux wood shutters to cellular or roller shades to mini or vertical blinds.

However, does offer free virtual design consults and will replace or let you return any item within 30 days for free. If you made a mistake when measuring, the company will fix it for you and recut and send new blinds at the correct size for free, as long as there isn't a pricing difference between the old and new sizes.

If you don't feel comfortable measuring yourself, works with The Home Depot, which can send an employee to measure and install for you. The starting installation cost at The Home Depot is cheaper, so you may want to get a custom measuring and install quote from both to ensure you get the best price.

Blindster is an online-only shop featuring custom shades and blinds at highly competitive prices. Like, it does not offer measuring or installing, but it's this DIY approach that may save you thousands of dollars on window treatments.

You can choose from wooden and faux wooden blinds; cellular, roller, Roman, and bamboo shades; shutters; and more. Blindster also offers the option for corded or cordless operating mechanisms. Just be sure to follow safety recommendations for corded blinds and shades to prevent strangulation risks.

When it comes to measuring, the site offers detailed directions and you can chat with a live representative to ensure you've got it right. If you make a mistake, Blindster will replace your blinds or shades with the correct size for free as long as you let them know within 60 days. Shipping is always free, and the company offers a lifetime warranty for manufacturing defects. Free samples are also available for the vast color and material options.

From cordless and automatic to cellular and vertical, The Home Depot is a tried-and-true place to shop for blinds. And compared to many other options, it's fairly affordable and a good value. If you're a DIYer who wants to save even more, it has how-to guides on its website that walk you through choosing the right blinds, measuring, and even installing them yourself.

But, if you're not quite comfortable with doing it all yourself, you can also pay extra to have someone come to your home, measure, cut, and then come back and install your blinds of choice. I've even done a video consult with a representative in the past who was very helpful for looking at my space, walking me through The Home Depot's catalog, and making suggestions on the best type of blinds for my home.

While you can easily get your blinds cut for you in person at The Home Depot, be aware that the quality of that job can vary widely based on when you happen to be there and who is doing the job. Not all employees seem to be as trained or skilled as others on the cutting machine.

While I know plenty of people who have had blinds cut in-store with no issue, Insider Reviews executive editor Sally Kaplan had an issue and needed her blinds recut several times before they fit correctly.

You won't get as many options and can't customize at West Elm in the same way you can at other places, but if you just need a simple and chic option that's ready to go, West Elm does the trick. There's no custom option, though you can choose from numerous widths and lengths, and most designs come in a few neutral color choices and one or two materials.

West Elm doesn't have the same network or employees specifically designated to measure or install blinds, so this is a better option for those who feel more comfortable doing it all themselves. That said, West Elm offers free design services, which can include helping you pick out the best shades or blinds for your home.

Similar to West Elm, Pottery Barn (which is owned by the same parent company) doesn't have quite as many options as retailers like or The Shade Store. Still, it has a good array of high-quality and ready-to-go blinds that can be lightly customized by choosing from up to 30 width options and three lengths depending on the item.

These shades are best for someone who feels more comfortable going the DIY route since Pottery Barn doesn't have designated assistance to help you measure and install your blinds. However, you can also have Pottery Barn set up an installation through its partnership with Porch for an additional fee or set up your own installation with a local professional or via apps like Handy.

Ikea offers some of the simplest and most affordable blinds options out there. That said, there's no real option to customize here. But you will have a few choices in precut sizes that should fit traditional window dimensions.

However, if you just need a quick solution for a standard window without much fuss, then Ikea may be your best bet. Liz Kneuven, Insider's former personal finance reporter, has an entire apartment of Ikea blinds and attests to their ease of use and overall quality. "They look so sleek and modern and were super simple to install," she says.

Though it may not be the first store that comes to mind for blinds, don't overlook JCPenney and its wide array of colors, styles, prices, and materials for shades that are just right.

Though JCPenney may be better known for clothes and accessories than home goods, it also has a surprisingly vast selection of shades and blinds, including wood, cellular, vertical, Roman, and roller options. You can quickly sort online by color, style, price, material, light filtration, and even installation type to narrow down your search.

While JCPenney used to offer in-home custom window treatments, that option is no longer available, so be aware you'll need to do installing and measuring on your own. You can have the blinds shipped right to your door or opt for same-day, in-store pickup if available at a store in your area.

Use: When choosing blinds or shades, consider which room they're for and what their primary function will be. For example, you may want to spring for pricier blackout shades in the bedroom, while a light-filtering option that still blocks glare may do the trick for your home office.

Size: The size of your windows will play a big role in the style of blinds you choose and where you're able to shop. If you have standard-size windows that are easy to fit, you'll likely find a more wallet-friendly option by simply choosing from a few width and length options. However, if you have unusual windows, you may need to pay more for a truly custom fit. Similarly, you may want to think about splitting up huge windows into two shades if you don't want to spring for pricey automatic options since having just one roller large shade can be heavy and difficult to pull up and down.

Mount type: When shopping for shades and blinds, you'll need to decide whether you'll mount them on the inside or outside of the window frame. Some windows are too shallow to allow for shades to be mounted within the frame and will require an outside mount. You may also prefer the look of outside-mounted Roman shades, for example, but be sure to closely follow measuring and mounting instructions to ensure your window coverings can be properly installed. Outside-mounted window coverings will typically allow more light to leak in through the sides and may not be the best fit for a bedroom.

Budget: The range of prices on blinds varies wildly, even at the same store. Have a clear budget in mind so you can start with options that best fall within your limits. If you're unsure where to start, sign up for a virtual consultation with a store to get a basic idea of what your space will require and general price range. Custom sizing, materials, finishes, as well as automatic options will cost significantly more. 041b061a72


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