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Xender APK 2018: How to Convert Video to Audio with the New toMP3 Function

Xender APK 2018: A Powerful Cross-Platform File Sharing App


  • What is Xender and what does it do?

  • Why is it better than Bluetooth and other file sharing apps?

  • How to download and install Xender APK 2018 on Android devices?

Features of Xender APK 2018

  • Transfer files with flash speed

  • Send large files without limitation

  • Free network and data connection

  • Share all kinds of files without restrictions

  • New feature: toMP3 - convert video to audio

  • Free download Whatsapp / Facebook / Instagram videos

  • Smart phone replication

  • File manager

  • Supports multiple languages and platforms

How to Use Xender APK 2018

  • How to transfer files from Android to Android?

  • How to transfer files from Android to iOS?

  • How to transfer files from Android to PC/Mac?

  • How to transfer files from PC/Mac to Android?

  • How to use the toMP3 feature?